A+C Plastic Firmengebäude

Optimal protection of palettes and inviting appearance for manual processing

An S-hood (also referred as Y-hood) is sealed in transverse direction and folded into a Y shape. Through this head fold, four edges are created that are pulled tightly over the goods to be packaged (the loaded palette) which this way much better adapt to the shape of the goods to be packaged than a conventional shrink hood. Due to the effect of the heat, the film shrinks and thereby secures the palette and the packaged goods. This way, the goods on the palette are protected from transport damages, humidity, soiling and theft. This form of palette packaging has numerous advantages:

  • Use of less material
  • No half moon formation in the bottom area
  • No turned-down corners to be dirt collectors on the palette’s cover
  • No risk of moisture penetration due to a leaking seam in the area of the cover
  • 360° printable in a scatter print or position print process


Material LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, MDPE, EVA-copolymer
Thickness 0.080 mm – 0.180 mm
Height 500 mm to 2050 mm
Width loose up to 7500 mm, on a roll up to 15,000 mm
Construction Loose in corrugated cardboard box or on a roll with tear-off perforation
Core Cardboard, plastic, steel
Core diameter 76 mm
Roll diameter max. 50 cm


Transparent (standard)
Transparent coloured – colouring and print based on customer’s request
Opaque (hidden from view) – colouring and print based on customer’s request

Other processing

Perforated Depending on the customer’s request, at different widths and distances,
Particularly well-suited for products with condensation.
Antistatic The hoods can be opened without a problem. The goods to be packaged do not stick to the film.
Antiskid Prevents skidding of packaged goods during transport.
Smooth Makes the pulling over of the hood easier.


8 colours that can be freely distributed on the front and back [(8/0) (7/1) (6/2) (5/3) (4/4)]
Max. 1600 mm full area print
Max. 1250 mm pattern repeat