A+C Plastic Firmengebäude

Ideal for the fully automated packaging of paletted goods

Also available as shrink hood and stretch hood tubular film. Our lateral fold tubular films are primarily used on a shrinking system for the shrinking in and securing of palettes. With a suitable device, cover hoods can be produced.


Material LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, MDPE, regenerate, EVA-copolymer
Structure Mono-extrusion, co-extrusion (3-layer), co-extrusion (5-layer)
Thickness 0.030 mm – 0.250 mm
Width 400 – 2000 mm (max. 6800 mm circumference)
Construction Elastic quality (stretch quality), heatshrinking tubular film
Core Cardboard, plastic, steel
Core diameters 76 mm, 152 mm
Roll diameter max. 100 cm


Transparent (standard)
Transparent coloured – colouring and print based on customer’s request
Opaque (hidden from view) – colouring and print based on customer’s request

Other processing

Perforated Depending on the customer’s request, at different width and distances, particularly well-suited for products with condensation.
Antistatic The film can be opened without a problem. The goods to be packaged and the dust in the environment do not stick to the film.
Antiskid Prevents skidding of packaged goods during transport.
Smooth Improves ease of processing by machine and makes the pulling over easier.


8 colours that can be freely distributed on the front and back [(8/0) (7/1) (6/2) (5/3) (4/4)]
Max. 1600 mm full area print
Max. 1250 mm pattern repeat